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One of my favorite photos taken from atop Doi Suthep in Chiang-Mai, Thailand.

I absolutely love helping my clients achieve their unique vision and goals. The website building process can be daunting and overwhelming, but that’s where I come in! While you are building your business or personal brand, you can leave the rest to me.

I wasn’t always a designer - Before JKB Creative was created, I spent my days as a kindergarten teacher with a lively bunch of 5 & 6 year olds. Being a teacher was an incredibly rewarding, challenging and down-right exhausting job and I enjoyed so many moments of teaching. But during the winter of my fourth year, I met my other half, and that's when we decided it was time for a move.

After much research, late night discussions and hours of planning and coordinating the never-ending details, we decided to change things up. As a result, we’ve lived in 5 continents in 2 years!

We sold our cars, quite our classroom/office jobs (very much a bittersweet decision), put the rest of our belongings into storage and bought a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia.

Honorable Mentions

▴ B.A. Theatre, The George Washington University, 2007. 

▴ M.Ed Elementary Education, Boston University, 2012.

▴ Squarespace Circle Member, since 2016. 

▴ Director of Project Management & Creative at Bracken Marketing, since 2017. 

Chiang-Mai, Thailand & Bali, Indonesia became my new training grounds. I learned to navigate an entirely new way of life and I was hooked. There was inspiration everywhere. Some of the more awe-inspiring moments were: witnessing an incredible summit sunrise, high above the clouds, after hiking an active volcano; enjoying the silence of an ancient temple; driving along the intricately farmed, bright green rice paddies; weaving my way through a crowded Thai street market; inhaling the incense-filled air after the Balinese conducted their morning rituals; learning how to surf with the locals; and awakening to the sounds of a traditional funeral procession deep in the jungles of Nusa Penida, a remote island off of Bali. The sheer beauty, richness, and energy that surrounded me shook my very core and got me thinking about other career paths.

I am now living in Salt Lake City, Utah and enjoying being inspired by all the beauty that surrounds me.


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