My Top 10: Why I Use Squarespace To Help Build Websites


Before I began my web design career, I did a lot of research on which hosting platform is best. Would I be a Wordpress or Wix designer? Or maybe Weebly or how about Squarespace? So many options to choose from and how do you go with just one? Well, after reading positive review after positive review and checking out Squarespace's specs, I decided to give 'em a shot. 

Here's my Top Ten on why it's the best Content Management System out there.

1. You don't need to download or install any software, or purchase separate web hosting.

2. You'll sign up for a plan and pay a subscription fee to Squarespace, which will be billed either monthly or annually (your choice - and you get 20% off your first year if you work with me). This fee will cover your yearly hosting as well as your website. No hidden fees, nothing extra to worry about in the future. 

3. Squarespace will run regular maintenance and conduct upgrades for you. This is done seamlessly behind the scenes. You won't need to do a thing or call on a webmaster to help bring your site up to speed. 

4. Everything is in one place: website, blog, photo galleries, forms, newsletter subscription services, eCommerce, hosting, analytics, etc. You name it, it's there! 

5. All of your social media platforms can be easily connected. Want to share your latest blog post with your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube communities - it's just a click away. 

6. The templates I work off of are beautiful, clean, and modern. 

7. Squarespace allows for "behind-the-scenes" coding tricks - so if you want a site full of non-cookie-cutter bells and whistles, no problem-o! 

8. Responsive design for mobile and tablet viewing. That means, your website can be shrunk down to fit on a mobile screen, stretched to fit a tablet and have perfect viewing on any desktop. 

9. It's super secure - in this day and age, it's 100% important to trust a platform that will guarantee your absolute security. 

10. Uses best SEO practices to optimize how your business appears in search engine results. And you can easily monitor your site's analytics. That means, you can see how many people are viewing your site, where they're coming from, what type of device they're using, location and much more. 

Freebie: And last but certainly not least, Squarespace makes it easy for a designer like me to teach you! After our training, you'll be confidently maintaining your website in no time. 

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