5 Easy Steps Towards Managing a Successful Fitness Website


Whether you’re a fitness instructor, running coach, personal trainer, yoga enthusiast, or health and wellness mentor - leading a healthy, active life is the name of your game. As you build your fitness business and get your website up and running, there are some important steps you should take in order to continue to grow your audience and generate leads and sales.

Here are 5 key steps towards a successful fitness website.


1. Set a schedule and hold yourself accountable.

One of the most difficult parts of managing your online brand is devoting the necessary time it takes to sift through every square inch. You might be asking yourself, “How will I ever surface and find the time to produce content and blog on top of everything else I have to manage?” I, too, have been in the same boat. That’s why creating a schedule for writing content is an essential part of getting the most out of your website and growing your business.

It’s paramount to be realistic with yourself and set attainable goals. Here are a few of my tricks:

  • Select a day of the week and a time during the day when you know you’ll be guaranteed a devoted block of writing time.

  • Start off by setting aside 1 hour. See how much you can accomplish in that hour. Once you figure out your rhythm, you’ll be able to better determine if you can increase your writing time to 2+ hours.

  • In the beginning, brainstorm big-picture content ideas, such as: what's your area of expertise, tips you can offer non-experts, or your top 5/10 reasons for any topic that fits within your niche.

Remember, the more you write, the easier it will become! 


2. Your content is important.

You might be thinking, “Who cares what I say? People aren’t going to take me seriously.” Contrary to your thoughts, people do want to hear your thoughts and get a sense of your personality! It will make potential clients take you way more seriously if you can provide content that builds trust and credibility. After all, they’re going to be deciding whether or not your fitness program is right for them.

A few things to remember: Make it personal and show photos of success stories (before and afters are awesome!). Customers want to hear about your personal goals, fitness history, what makes you get up in the morning, why you love being in the fitness arena, or what made you want to devote you career toward helping others reach their fitness goals.

What you say and how you say it is key toward growing your audience and maintaining a following.


3. Interact with your audience.

Devise ways you can engage with your followers, potential clients and existing clients.

  • Set up a newsletter option on your website (in the footer, on your blog page, and within each blog post are good places to house this option). Visitors can subscribe to your blog updates or email campaigns. You’ll not only interact with your audience, but you’ll obtain email addresses/contact information, which will be super useful when you want to promote services.

  • Offer free advice or freebies.

  • Design a questionnaire or survey to get better insight into your audience.

  • Provide visuals and allow readers to share their success/fitness/healthy life stories with you!


4. Allow clients to schedule directly on your website.

Clients like it when you make it easy for them. Clients want to be able to log onto your website, check out your sessions, plans or class availability and schedule right then and there. Make it simple for them by having a section devoted to your schedule on your website. It will also streamline scheduling for you because either can be synced accordingly.


5. Offer freebies to get prospective clients interested & engaged.

Whether it’s a free class, a 1 week pass, a one-on-one training session, or personal consultation, let your clients test drive your services before they make an investment. This is another simple way to gain their trust, build credibility and get a greater client base.

Want to talk about this in more detail? Do you need help planning your website? Let's set up a time to talk (absolutely free!).